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Online Disability Awareness Training


We are very pleased to announce our new online disability awareness training program is now open for enrollments. The NDIS roll out is now well underway. This means people with disabilities will have more choice when it comes to how they spend their money. So if you have a service business, chances are you are going to see an increase of customers with disabilities wanting to buy from you. They will choose to go to businesses that can best cater to their needs.  This means it's not only important for your business to be accessible from a physical aspect, but that your staff are properly trained in how to provide service. Do you and your staff know how to [...]

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Disability Awareness Training Can Help Stop Complaints


It's worrying that we are still seeing many cases of people being refused service because they have an assistance animal such as a guide dog.  This problem is generally due to a lack of knowledge and could be resolved if more companies provided staff with disability awareness training.   It should be a standard part of any employee induction training and would enable staff to provide service and interact with people with disabilities in the appropriate manner.   Not to mention reducing the risk of a complaint being lodged with the Human Rights Commission. Here is the latest case to hit the media and involves former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes. Disability activist complains to Human Rights Commission after Uber drivers refuse to [...]

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Access and Inclusion is Good for Business


  Australian Network On Disability (AND) has just released a video that I'd like to share with you.  It's called Access and Inclusion is Good for Business. The Australian Network on Disability (AND) has launched a new video illustrating the business case for the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of business, as employees, customers and stakeholders. The video highlights the current rates of disability in Australia, and encourages businesses to recognise people with disability as valuable potential employees and customers. There are more than four million people with disability in Australia, and 10 per cent of the Australian workforce (just over one million people) have some form of disability. As the prevalence of disability increases with age, [...]

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Is it time to modernise the wheelchair access icon?


The current wheelchair access icon has been with us for many years and there is now a debate about whether it should be changed for a more modern look. The International Symbol of Access was designed by Danish student Susanne Koefoed and has been in circulation since 1969. Originally featuring a headless body, it was soon adopted by the International Organization for Standardization and modified to represent the symbol we see globally today. A Connecticut governor is proposing legislation in America that would modernise handicap parking signs, license plates, stickers, and tags. If the bill becomes law, Connecticut will join New York in becoming some of the first states to universally replace the International Symbol of Access. The Accessible Icon [...]

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Study Finds Accessible Travel Large And Lucrative Market


A study has been undertaken in the US that has found that the accessible travel industry is a large and lucrative market. However travelers with disabilities still face obstacles when trying to find wheelchair accessible accommodation, activities and services.  The same applies here in Australia.  That’s why we continue to build the CanGoEverywhere database of accessible accommodation, accessible attractions and events and service providers in order to provide the information seniors, the less mobile and people with disabilities need to venture out with confidence. The CBS News article is below: It has been 25 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law. But a new study finds that while the travel industry is more accommodating to the [...]

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Deep Sea Diving – In A Wheelchair


Deep sea diving… In a wheelchair.  While researching for a keynote speech I am delivering on Accessible Tourism, I came across this Ted Talk and wanted to share it with you.  Deep sea diving….. in a wheelchair is a wonderful talk delivered by Sue Austin, a performance artist who also just happens to use a wheelchair.  It includes a video of her deep sea diving – as the title says, in her wheelchair. It was filmed at TEDxWomen in December 2012.  You can watch it here: – I highly recommend it. When Sue Austin got a power chair 16 years ago, she felt a tremendous sense of freedom — yet others looked at her as though she had lost something. [...]

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Disabled accommodation versus accessible accommodation – welcome to my current bugbear.


Disabled accommodation versus accessible accommodation – It's all in the language. Language is a funny thing isn’t it.  It evolves over time and some things we said as a matter of course ten or twenty years ago we wouldn’t dream of saying now.  It’s called political correctness – or PC – and in most cases it has its place.  But alas it can also go completely mad.  Think about Enid Blyton for example.  A revered children’s author whose books were read by kids all around the world.  Then in came the PC stick and all of a sudden poor old Noddy and Big Ears are not so proper anymore.  Let’s not even go down the Famous Five path and what [...]

Disabled accommodation versus accessible accommodation – welcome to my current bugbear.2017-03-14T04:38:47+10:00
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