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Accessible Holidays Should Be Easy


Accessible holidays in a nutshell. Why should age, mobility issues or any disability be an obstacle to people who wish to travel and enjoy the good things in life? According to Melissa James, founder and CEO of Inclusive Tourism, it shouldn’t.  “Take the baby boomers for example.  They’re retiring and it’s estimated 40% of them will have some sort of disability.  They’re still active, travelling and wanting to have fun.  They just need to know the places they are going are suitable for them.” The accessible holiday planning process becomes a lot more complex when you or someone in your group has a disability.  With one in five Australians fitting into this category, more and more people need to [...]

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Accessible Housing


Developers Going Accessible Developers seizing on disability-friendly apartment opportunities as NDIS needs soar By social affairs correspondent Norman Hermant - For most of the last decade Amy Pilson could not escape a sense of loneliness and isolation. Amy lives with paraplegia and uses a wheelchair. Her home was a ground unit at her grandmother's house and the outside stairs were a constant reminder of the life she was missing. "Everything else is up the stairs. Three bedrooms, main kitchen, my family all live up there," she said. "It isn't the nicest having to be so separated from your family. You do live together, but totally separate," she said. "I think now, 'How did I survive that long?'" Ms [...]

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