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Refused service because of assistance dog


Disability campaigner Megan Grant says she was refused service because of her assistance dog It really is sad that in this day and age people with disabilities are still being refused service because staff are not aware of the law.  It's probably not their fault - chances are they just haven't been given appropriate disability awareness training. In this particular case Megan Grant, a disability campaigner, was told she could not bring her assistance dog, Jonesy, into the Cluck Bar and La Porchetta in Mentone last Sunday. Ms Grant, profoundly deaf since birth, said the dog is her ear — alerting her to the doorbell or the phone ringing and other everyday sounds. She said a Cluck Bar employee became extremely [...]

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Online Disability Awareness Training


We are very pleased to announce our new online disability awareness training program is now open for enrollments. The NDIS roll out is now well underway. This means people with disabilities will have more choice when it comes to how they spend their money. So if you have a service business, chances are you are going to see an increase of customers with disabilities wanting to buy from you. They will choose to go to businesses that can best cater to their needs.  This means it's not only important for your business to be accessible from a physical aspect, but that your staff are properly trained in how to provide service. Do you and your staff know how to [...]

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