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Targeted Marketing = Better Exposure

CanGoEverywhere is the ‘One Stop Shop’ for the traveller requiring accessible tourism. It’s been designed to link accessible businesses with the people who are looking for them. People who visit already know what they want and they’ll use CanGo to find it.

Providing appropriate and detailed information is the key to attracting and building your customer base.

Research has shown that

  • Visitors seeking accessible tourism services choose their holiday periods during the low seasons
  • on average they spend 5 times more money on their holiday trips as compared to other travelers
  • Almost 75% stay 3 nights or longer – average 8 nights
  • People with disabilities don’t generally travel alone. They are, on average, in a group of 4.1 people
  • It is estimated that 7% of all inbound tourists have a disability

By listing your business on you will gain greater exposure to the people who are looking for your services.

*Research referred to by Darcey & Dwyer 2008